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December 10th, 2014 2 Comments
Social Media Candy Store

Social Media Candy Store

As some of my social media comrades, or should I say co-conspirators, know, I was blessed by EDD’s when they offering to sponsor a certification program in social media.  Having worked at the same company for 16 years, my skill set was solid, but not current.   I was thrilled to have this opportunity to sharpen them up, and will hopefully garner an edge in the social media market place.


After spending the better part of each day reading the required articles, I would spend another several hours on Google Search trying to find out how to use the various channels.  YouTube turned out to be a great source of short videos providing brief, step-by-step, guidance.  Of course there are vast assortments of people who must stay up until the wee hours writing blog posts about the value of every social media marketing nuance.

One month of SM class notes!

One month of SM class notes!

During the first month of classes I felt like I had found the Willy Wonka social media factory, and I consumed so much information I nearly had an anxiety attack.  Within two months I filled a large three ring binder with strategies on every aspect of social media manipulation, and I had barely touched the surface.

Facebook was the only channel that I was somewhat familiar with, so I anticipated learning how to tweet, to post images to Instagram, to improving my presence on LinkedIn, and to pollinating the universe with my blog posts and photographs.

Twitter is the fast paced, snappy patter channel.  Keep it to a minimum, and pick your hash tags wisely.  Ok, I did that, but I’m still trying to find my audience on Twitter, and of course posting at the most optimal time, which of course no one can possibly know.  When I think that my tweet is only visible for a matter of seconds, it seems rather pointless.  If I were a regular, like the Huffington Post, it would be a no brainer, but for an obscure blogger, tweets get lost in the noise.  It’s logical to tweet the same content several times a day, but that bores me, so I am negligent….and yes, I have to get over that.

Being a photographer, I love Instagram.  The iPhone has given me a new means to take photos conveniently, but I don’t take selfies, and don’t go on photo taking jaunts often, which limits the content.  Posting to Instagram regularly is equating to drudgery, even though I still love having this option available.  Will it drive traffic to my site?  I don’t anticipate it.  Instagram isn’t intended as a story telling channel.

Linked In is a great social media option for posting professional information, and for business people who want to connect with other business people.  I did revisit my home page, and updated my bio, as I’m considering part-time employment.  Trying to engage on a professional level, while also driving traffic to my personal web site, is not an ideal combination.  On the other hand, if a perspective employer takes the time to read my blog posts, they will know a lot more about me than most perspective employees.  I’d like to think that’s a good thing, but that’s yet to be discovered.

The pros, the cons, and the just not knowing, is where I still find myself most of the time.  There are a ton of places in social media land to put information.  That part is easy.  Engaging people in what you feel is interesting, or of value, is still quite a mystery.  I could create an outlandish video for YouTube, that could go viral, and I could become famous overnight.  Would people read my stories?  Maybe.

Can I tell you what social media channel works best to address my needs?  No, not really.  I’m hoping that learning the ropes and dedicating enough time to engagement will boost the number of comments my posts receive.  Will I master this process?  Will anyone?  It’s faster than a flying bullet, and it depends on whose pointing the gun.  However, I remain optimistic because I’m determined to become successful….and certified.

I know there are wizards out there who have done well in gaining impressive followings.  I would love to learn your magic if you are so inclined to share it with me.  In the meantime I may run into you at the Social Media Candy Store.  You’ll be easy to identify, I’ll just look for the pointed hats….and I’ll be the gal with the big shopping bag.  If you can’t make it to the store, take a few minutes to leave me your 1 most successful social media tip, and I’ll post the results!!

My best to all social media navigators.

© Shari Adams

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Hi Shari,

Love your blog and write up about yourself.

It takes time to build up traffic. I started my blog in September and have on average 5-10 comments on each blog. I would like to increase this number but in the meantime, I am enjoying writing – my passion.

You have a true talent for writing. Thank you for sharing.


    Thanks so much Phoenicia, for visiting my site, and your very much appreciated comment. This process is challenging, and like you, my passion is writing, and my desire is to share it. I think the only way we can know how it’s perceived is by getting feedback, and I appreciate anyone who provides it.