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January 16th, 2014 No Comments
And it all fits.

And it all fits.

Life is full of bits and pieces, isn’t it?  That’s what gives texture to it’s fabric.

We often remember the blockbuster events, the births, the losses, a child’s first step, the snow covered mountains in winter, special holidays with family or friends, maybe the first date, and often the last.

What we sometimes forget are the small daily happenings, spotting a huge rainbow on our way home from work, or that unusually stunning sunset.

I wonder how many brilliant thoughts are forgotten and perhaps recalled again at a later date, or maybe not at all.  Are memories selective, random, or blocked?  I wonder.

This page is for random thoughts; my thoughts, and yours.  It may be our journal where we record one special moment that may otherwise be forever lost, and before they are, let’s share them for posterity.

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