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Little pirate girl. Halloween 2017. 

Welcome home!

I’m welcoming myself home, as well as all of my wonderful visitors! If you’ve visited my website, you noticed I hadn’t been present for a couple of years. I apologize! I’ve been writing a children’s book that grew exponentially over time and is now a hugely bloated 375 pages. People ask me why it’s so huge. I say “because my characters wouldn’t shut up.” That’s the short and long (way too long) of it. When I finally decided to begin the immensely laborious act of editing my first “ugly” draft, I found it is truly ugly and put it somewhere … I’m not sure where. I imagine I’ll stumble over it one of these day and maybe peek at it again. If it’s as bad as I think it is, it may be moved to the basement (which I don’t have). 

So, for now, you are stuck with me, and me with you. I plan to have some fun here. I deserve it, and so do you. Thanks for hanging with me!

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Shari…I really enjoyed reading “An Orphan at Any Age.” Beautiful writing, and a topic that touches much about being human.


    Thanks for your really thoughtful comment about this story that truly did come from my heart.